Toxic Politics

I’m tired of divisive rhetoric poisoning our community. Are you? Help me fix this.

Dear residents of Redondo Beach,

From the start, I promised to serve you with civility, honesty, and transparency. I have led by example, and will not tolerate the negativity, name calling, and lies that are being spread this election season by certain PACs and their followers. This behavior is tearing our city apart from the inside and needs to be stopped. Our current leaders have failed to prevent or even denounce this activity for the last four years.

Vote for change

Vote for progress

Vote for Brad Waller

Your support will help me get the word out and change the culture. My website has forms for you to volunteer, get a yard sign, and donate to my campaign. Just $25 makes a difference and helps me spread my message of positivity and civility to the residents of our district.

It’s easy to donate using the form to the right. Or if you feel more comfortable with checks please mail to:

Waller for City Council 2021
1840 S Elena Ave, #107
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Please include your occupation and employer or business name as it is required by California law for election transparency.

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