I am honored to have earned the support of a wide range of leaders, community members, and organizations based on my hard work and advocacy over the last fifteen years.

Al Muratsuchi
Assemblymember, 66th District

Redondo Beach
Police Officers Association

Los Angeles County
Democratic Party

Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters

Beach Cities Democrats

Los Angeles County
Business Federation BizFed PAC

Civic and community leaders

  • Laura Emdee, Councilmember – Redondo Beach
  • John Gran, Councilmember – Redondo Beach
  • Christian Horvath, Councilmember – Redondo Beach
  • David Hadley, Former CA Assemblymember, retired
  • Martha Barbee, Former Councilmember – Redondo Beach
  • Mike Gin, Former Mayor – Redondo Beach
  • Brad Serkin, Redondo Beach USD Board President
  • Raymur Flinn, Redondo Beach USD Board Vice President
  • Michael Christensen, Redondo Beach USD Board Presiding Officer
  • David Witkin, Redondo Beach USD Boardmember
  • Anita Avrick, Former Redondo Beach USD Board President
  • Jane Diehl, Beach Cities Health District Boardmember, former RBUSD Board President
  • Vanessa Poster, Beach Cities Health District Boardmember
  • Vish Chatterji, Beach Cities Health District Boardmember, retired
  • Heidi Ashcraft, Councilmember – Torrance, Former Torrance USD Board President
  • Betty Lieu, Esq., Torrance USD Board President
  • Jennifer Cochran, Manhattan Beach, USD Board Clerk
  • Tracey Miller-Zarneke, El Segundo USD Board President
  • Dianna MacDonald, Former California State PTA President, Former Cloverdale USD Boardmember
  • Dan Elder, Redondo Beach Planning Commissioner
  • Paul Moses, Former Redondo Beach Public Art Commissioner
  • David Goodman, Former Redondo Beach Planning Commissioner and Budget & Finance Commissioner
  • Peter Olpe, LA County Beaches Commissioner

Friends and Neighbors

  • Dale Petrulis
  • Laura Childs
  • Alexis Subee Fishman
  • Jeff Fishman
  • Monica Moore
  • Lucretia Pruitt
  • Rhonda McGonigle
  • Joan Irvine
  • Maggie Healy
  • Ray Benning
  • Nikki Wesley
  • Allan C. Jones, D.D.S., M.S.​
  • Bradley Lyon
  • Sondi Foley
  • Ray Benning
  • Eric Herold
  • Aaron Gill
  • Jim Sheehy
  • Kim Rowley
  • Beau Lynch
  • Cyndi Wicks
  • Patrick Healy
  • Jack Earle
  • Ron Moore

*Titles for identification purposed only and do not represent endorsements on behalf of the organization.