Hard work, civility, and cooperation built our amazing city of safe neighborhoods, great schools, and prosperous businesses. It wasn’t an accident.

I have been fighting for our kids for the last fifteen years. Not just in Redondo Beach but also in Sacramento and Washington DC. Now I want to keep fighting not only for their future, but for the quality of life all the residents of Redondo Beach cherish.

I will work just as hard for you as I did for our kids to improve our already wonderful city in the following areas:

We have amazing police officers and fire fighters  in Redondo Beach. I will:
  • Retain local control of our public safety agencies.
  • Ensure the quality of service is maintained and response times are top tier as they are today.
  • Build on our partnership with BCHD to improve safety and implement “Streets for All”: bicyclists, pedestrians, drivers, strollers, people with disabilities and skateboarders.
  • Renew and expand the Secure Your Castle program.
The number one issue I hear from people is speeding, particularly late night races down Prospect or weekends along Catalina. I will:
  • Work with RBPD on increased enforcement.
  • Work with our city traffic engineer to implement ways to minimize racing and speeding.
  • Propose a green median along Prospect.
  • Look into new ideas to improve parking / traffic calming.
  • Work with CalTrans improve traffic flow and safety on PCH.
  • Increase dedicated Bike Lanes in accordance with the previously approved South Bay Master Bicycle Plan.

Over the past four years the number of homeless in our city has grown tremendously. We need humane solutions to get them food, shelter, clothing, mental health services and alcohol/drug treatment. I will:

  • Continue and expand if needed the temporary transitional shelters.
  • Formalize and make a regular schedule for the Homeless Court.
  • Continue working on solutions with our partners that help move individuals off the streets and into housing.
  • Work on real solutions to address affordability and ways to attract more property owners into partnering with our Housing Authority.

As a business owner in Redondo Beach I can see ways to make the city more friendly to businesses. I have had an office in the Riviera Village for 22 years, and I have been part of the RVA BID. I would love to help implement their visions (which included outdoor dining before COVID-19). PCH needs a lot of TLC to make it more attractive, and we need to make the Pier and waterfront a place that both locals and worldwide tourists want to visit.

Specifically, I will:

  • Make the dining decks in the Riviera Village permanent.
  • Work with new owner of the AES site to develop a large part of the property for public park and open space uses.
  • Look to create a public private partnership to reimagine the Triangle parking lot in the Riviera Village into shops, open space, and parking.
  • Close Catalina Avenue in the Riviera Village on summer weekends to create a blocks long walk street.
  • Work collaboratively with the council to revitalize the waterfront in a way that is economically sound and attractive to residents.
  • I will find new sources of revenue to offset increasing pension liabilities and ensure we can provide the same services residents have come to expect without major cuts.
Infrastucture and Zoning sound boring, but they are the foundation of the city. I will:
  • Implement GPAC recommendations
  • Seek Municipal Broadband for residents and businesses
  • Address lot overbuilding and its unintended consequences
  • Develop a plan to purchase land for future parkettes, community gardens, or open space.

I am for progress. This means that there will be some projects that make sense for the city. They may not be perfect, but at some point change does have to happen. People don’t like change, but stagnation is worse. The city needs revenue which depends on rising property values, hotel occupancy, and business growth.

As long as the schools continue to be the best in the area, property values will hold strong. But urban blight and decayed infrastructure will not attract tourists or new businesses to our city.

I will listen to all opinions and work with property owners to be good neighbors and remind them that they need to build goodwill with their community through projects that fit the needs and desires of the community.

The city of Redondo Beach has very little in actual park and open space, and few opportunities to get more. The AES property and waterfront are our best opportunities to get significant open space. I will:

  • Work with new owner of the AES site to develop a large part of the property for public park and open space uses
  • Work with the Beach Cities Health District to ensure the new Healthy Living Campus includes useable open space for the community
  • Ensure Medians, Triangles and Parkways are filled with drought tolerant plants

Green is more than a color. Cities create heat islands from roads, buildings, and dark roofs. We need to offset this with more drought tolerant plants and shade trees. I have seen the city remove trees for sidewalk or street issues and not replace them. Global Warning is here and sea level rise is already flooding our harbor areas at King Tides. I will:

  • Work with city staff to ensure every missing parkway tree is planted in the city tree plan
  • Build solar shade structures to offset electricity costs for the city as we did in RBUSD
  • Continue policies that lower green house gas emissions
  • Develop a plan to purchase land for future parkettes, community gardens, or open space using Open Space Acquisition Funds
  • Advocate for more public and private EV Charging station installations
  • Prepare Harbor area for Sea Level Rise
  • Work towards zero-waste solutions locally
I will bring real communication to the office.
  • As I have done for the past eight years on the RBUSD Board of Education, I will respond to everyone who reached out to me, not just those who I agree with. My goal is within 24 hours, even if it is to acknowledge the inquiry.
  • I will have weekly office hours (via Zoom or in person, depending on the situation at the time) to allow anyone to ask questions.
  • I will host monthly Community Meetings with City Staff and special guests to increase education and awareness amongst residents. I will live-stream these community meetings those who are unable to attend in person.
  • I will expand the city’s social media presence to ensure residents have easy access to information and updates.
I want to bring civility back to Redondo Beach and will work this. This means if I see people I know acting badly, posting negative attacks on social media, etc. I will call them out and ask them to stop. What I learned from a collective 12 years on school boards is to be hard on the problems but soft on the people. We agree on so much, why let a few disagreements divide us?
I will use my education and experience to analyze issues and make decisions based on science, numbers, and facts. I will do the research, ask the hard questions, and come to conclusions only after getting all the data.

I want to know. What’s important to you? Tell me here.